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Offering a wide range of services to hospitals and surgeons across the country.

Through our dedication to superior patient care, cutting-edge technology, and our team of experienced perfusionists and other medical professionals, we are able to offer services that allow hospitals to maintain superior outcomes, while at the same time boosting efficiency and providing value. The full list of services we offer at CCS includes:



Utilizing heart-lung machine (HLM) and other medical devices to mimic patient physiology during cardiac surgical procedures, allowing for a still and bloodless surgical field.




Through autotransfusion, hospitals are able to collect blood that is shed during an operation, clean and filter the collected blood, then return the blood back to the patient. This process greatly reduces the need for blood transfusions, improving both patient outcomes and OR efficiency.


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ECMO/ECLS is a process that provides temporary life support to a patient who is experiencing cardiac and/or pulmonary failure. By providing ECMO services, our team of medical professionals is able to help keep patients alive while the medical team works toward a more permanent solution.


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When a surgical procedure puts a patient’s central nervous system at risk, IONM is essential. IONM is a process that monitors a patient’s central nervous system throughout a procedure to ensure that it continues functioning properly.


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Point-of-Care Testing

By making use of portable blood analyzers, CCS is able to offer point-of-care testing, meaning that hospitals are able to receive lab-quality diagnostic results in a matter of minutes rather than hours or even days. When every minute counts, you can count on CCS to provide your medical team with the data it needs as quickly as possible.


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Consulting Services

At CCS, we are dedicated to helping hospitals improve their efficiency, cut costs, and improve their quality of care through our expert consulting services. We work closely with hospital administrators, support staff, and perfusionists to develop clinically sound methods for improving every aspect of their OR process.


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Anesthesia Technician

CCS is able to help hospitals meet the growing need for qualified anesthesia technicians by making our team of highly-trained anesthesia technicians available for both emergency and scheduled operations.


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Supply Chain Solutions

Improving their supply chain is one of the most effective ways for hospitals to cut costs and ensure that they are receiving only the highest quality supplies and products. At CCS, we work closely with hospitals to analyze their supply chain and find areas that offer the potential for improvement.


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