Point-of-Care Testing

In situations where medical professionals need a patient's lab results as quickly as possible, point-of-care testing is invaluable.

Rather than waiting hours or even days for lab results, point-of-care testing enables medical professionals to receive lab-quality diagnostic results in just a matter of minutes. We work to help hospitals all over the country to improve their quality of care by offering point-of-care testing services that deliver lab-quality data in real-time. By providing medical professionals with lab results that are both timely and accurate, our point-of-care testing services help ensure that patients receive swift, effective, and efficient care.

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What is Point-of-Care Testing?

Point-of-care testing makes use of portable blood analyzers in order to test blood samples from a patient at the point-of-care. Once a sample has been collected and tested, the results are ready to analyze in a matter of minutes.

By delivering timely, accurate lab results to care, providers, point-of-care testing streamlines the diagnostic process and enables medical professionals to make quick triage and treatment decisions when monitoring a patient’s response to treatment or diagnosing them for the first time.

In recent years, the capabilities of point-of-care testing have dramatically expanded, enabling medical professionals to use point-of-care testing to diagnose a wider range of conditions as well as enabling them to receive real-time updates that are transmitted wirelessly to the patient’s electronic medical record.

In addition to improving the quality of care, point-of-care testing also helps hospitals improve their efficiency and productivity, helps them remain compliant with regulatory mandates, and helps them free up their staff to focus on caring for the patient.

We are proud to bring the benefits of point-of-care testing to hospitals all over the country through our superior point-of-care testing services.


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Why choose CCS Point-of-Care Testing?

At CCS, we make use of the latest technologies and policies in order to offer point of care testing services that are timely, accurate, and wide-ranging.

We understand the immense potential offered by point-of-care testing and work to ensure that our point-of-care testing services enable hospitals to take full advantage of that potential. Thanks to cutting-edge technology and a highly-trained staff of medical professionals, our point-of-care testing services enable hospitals to improve their quality of care as well as boost their productivity and efficiency.

If you would like to learn more about the point-of-care testing services that we offer at CCS, we invite you to explore the benefits of partnership or contact us today.


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