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A message from our founder


We value our people and our patients above all else — I founded CCS as a practicing perfusionist over 18 years ago beginning with a core belief that achieving clinical excellence in our industry requires skills and knowledge that only first-hand experience as a perfusionist can teach.

Behind every service that we offer is a team of certified, trained, and experienced perfusionists who are using their experience and talents to help us achieve optimal patient care and clinical excellence.

If you hold a shared belief in delivering quality outcomes by practicing only evidence-based perfusion and would like to join a dynamic team of elite professionals and a company culture where opportunities for growth are plentiful, I invite you to apply today and feel the pride that comes from working for an organization certified by the Joint Commission and known as one of the top perfusion companies in the country.

“ Join a dynamic team of elite professionals and enjoy a company culture where opportunities for growth are plentiful.”


Chet Czaplicka, BSN, RN, CCP

Founder & CEO


It's all about our people.

There is nothing that defines a company quite like the people that they employ — Our organization would not exist without the exceptional people serving on the front lines in the OR.

We knew from the start that succeeding in this industry and achieving the goals that we have set for ourselves as a company meant that we would need to employ a team of medical professionals unlike any other.

By selecting the best and brightest candidates, providing them with continuous training, and immersing them in a company culture that rewards excellence, we have been able to build a company centered around an exceptional group of people who are dedicated to helping us achieve our mission.

This is the reason that we choose “People” to represent the first of our six core values.


CCS Core Values Are Taken to Heart.


Empowering our most valued resource to provide clinical excellence through teamwork and integrity resulting in rewarding careers and respectful corporate relationships.


Practicing professionally and responsibly with balanced accountability to our patients, customers and colleagues.

Effective Communication

Engaging in open, concise and timely dialogue with our customers and colleagues in an objective, collaborative manner.


Practicing with empathy for our patients, customers and colleagues understanding that every decision affects others.


Ensuring the quality of service provided to the client meets the highest standards as set by industry guidelines and our expectations as the leader in perfusion services.

Cost Effective

Providing the highest quality care at the most efficient cost as it relates to clinical outcomes, and human resources.

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A culture of compassion and clinical excellence.

When you work for CCS, you become a part of a company culture that is designed to both challenge and reward our employees.

We are dedicated to delivering superior patient care and outcomes, and this goal lies at the heart of everything we do.

Compassion and the strive to make the world a better place is a huge part of our culture and working toward these noble goals provides our team with a sense of fulfillment and purpose that you simply won’t find in many careers.

The culture at CCS is designed to reward clinical excellence — the efforts of the perfusionists and other medical professionals on our staff to go above and beyond expectations do not go unnoticed. By creating both a company and a culture that recognizes and rewards clinical excellence, we provide our employees the opportunity to advance in their careers and achieve an amazing level of success while working with us.



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Partnering with hospitals all over the United States to provide innovative solutions and only the best perfusionists, PBMTs, ECMO specialists and anesthesia technicians working in the field.

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Would you like to join a dynamic team of elite professionals and a company culture where opportunities for growth are plentiful? CCS invites you to apply today and feel the pride that comes from working for an organization recognized as one of the top perfusion providers in the country.

Other Locations

CCS is always expanding its countrywide reach and growing its dynamic team of elite professionals. If the location that you are interested in is not currently highlighted as hiring we invite you to apply regardless. Having your qualifications on file makes it easy for us to reach out to you directly when positions become available.



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