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The CCS team raises the bar.

For medical centers and surgeons who are searching for a high-quality perfusion and autotransfusion service provider, as well as for perfusionists and other medical professionals who are searching for a rewarding company to work with, there are a number of reasons to choose CCS.

In a recent episode of Jason A. Duprat’s Healthcare Entrepreneur Academy podcast our President, Chet Czaplicka, discusses his experience leading CCS to becoming one of the largest perfusion companies in the world. He discusses the importance of learning from mistakes, taking risks, and how to manage negotiations and acquisitions in the always evolving world of healthcare. Chet reiterates the importance of wearing multiple hats as an entrepreneur, while also understanding his own limitations; Hiring a team of the right people with the expertise and reliability he can depend on, and clients can depend on is the key to CCS’s success. To hear more about our president, Chet, and about CCS you can listen to the full Healthcare Entrepreneur Academy episode on Apple Podcasts , Spotify, or Jason’s website.

Chet Czaplicka Team Avatar

Chet Czaplicka


Patty Fanelli Team Avatar

Patty Fanelli

Chief Clinical Officer

Sean Murtha Team Avatar

Sean Murtha

Chief Informatics Officer

Ryan Pagnanelli Team Avatar

Ryan Pagnanelli

Executive Vice President

Paul Horvath Team Avatar

Paul Horvath

Chief Financial Officer

Laura Leslie Team Avatar

Laura Leslie

Vice President of Human Resources

Jensen Fritz Team Avatar

Jensen Fritz

Regional Vice President-Account Transition

Thomas Chancy Team Avatar

Thomas Chancy

Regional Vice President-ECLS

Danny Michelangelo Team Avatar

Danny Michelangelo

Regional Director-Central Florida

Erik Warner Team Avatar

Erik Warner

Regional Director - North Florida

Shawn Glass Team Avatar

Shawn Glass

Regional Director - Central

Tredessa Schrader Team Avatar

Tredessa Schrader

Regional Director - Plains

George Glenn Team Avatar

George Glenn

Regional Director- Plains & Mountain

Kenneth Nolan Team Avatar

Kenneth Nolan

Regional Director - North / Vice President

Jill Cohen Team Avatar

Jill Cohen

Regional Director - South Florida / Vice President

Mike Casares Team Avatar

Mike Casares

Regional Director - East Florida

Patricia Travassos Team Avatar

Patricia Travassos

Director of Regulatory and Compliance

David Klein Team Avatar

David Klein

Director of Perfusion-Account Transition Specialist

Joseph Lester Team Avatar

Joseph Lester

National Traveler-Account Transition Specialist

Theron Paugh Team Avatar

Theron Paugh

Director of Quality and Analytics

Darryl Lancing Team Avatar

Darryl Lancing

Regional Director – West & Mountain

Christine Zacharia Team Avatar

Christine Zacharia

Regional Director – Mid-Atlantic

Matthew Wierzbowski Team Avatar

Matthew Wierzbowski

Regional Director – North

Shad Smith Team Avatar

Shad Smith

Regional Director - Southern Atlantic

Robert Reitz Team Avatar

Robert Reitz

Regional Director - Central Florida

Chad Smith Team Avatar

Chad Smith

Regional Director - Southern Atlantic

Malia Goozen-Suor Team Avatar

Malia Goozen-Suor

Regional Director – Southwest

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