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The top 5 reasons leaders choose CCS.

For medical centers and surgeons who are searching for a high-quality perfusion and autotransfusion service provider, as well as for perfusionists and other medical professionals who are searching for a rewarding company to work with, there are a number of reasons to choose CCS.



Highly-Trained and Experienced Staff.

We’re only as good as the healthcare professionals that we employ. That’s why our perfusion staff is comprised of highly skilled American Board of Cardiovascular Perfusion certified or board eligible employees who are dedicated to excellence and superior patient care.

Through our multi-faceted approach to education and process improvements, we strive to ensure that every healthcare professional working on our staff is thoroughly trained, credentialed, and experienced enough to provide safe, effective care.

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Cutting Edge Research and Innovation

Using a new, state of the art, clinical simulation laboratory and research facility, we are able to develop insights into techniques that lead to surgical outcome improvement in the perfusion, neuromonitoring, and autotransfusion fields.

We then use these innovations and insights to help our clients cut costs, achieve better patient outcomes, develop safer surgery practices, and more.

If you are looking for a partner that is dedicated to helping your surgical program achieve its mission through cutting-edge research and innovation, CCS is here to help.


Trustworthy, Measurable, Continuing Compliance

We at Comprehensive Care adhere to a philosophy of continuing, measurable compliance with Joint Commission, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, facility, state and federal standards. To that end, a team of the most experienced CCS managers periodically audits each account. We monitor, rate, and provide solutions for maintaining the required credentialing documentation, quality results, and departmental compliance. Comprehensive Care is a long-standing recipient of the Joint Commission Seal of Approval.


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Revolutionary Data Collection, Management, Sharing

A revolutionary perfusion recording system will enable real-time data collection and collation from a comprehensive list of patient monitoring systems both in the cardiac surgical arena, and post-surgical cardiac care area.

The Perfusion Information Management System enables clinicians to focus on the heart-lung machine and surgeons during critical procedures, and yet collect and monitor data from virtually any device utilized in the CVOR.

In addition, billing, inventory management, quality data submission, are all automatically collected. Remote real-time monitoring is under development. Remote monitoring can provide instant solutions to critical patient issues that arise suddenly. HIPAA compliant data can also be relayed to CCS managers’ smartphone devices, again to assist with patient care events.


Continuous Process Improvement

At CCS, we aren’t satisfied with “good enough”.

At CCS, we aren’t satisfied with “good enough”. No matter what level of excellence we reach, we believe there is always room for more improvement.

This is a mindset that we apply to train our medical professionals, a mindset that we apply to research and innovation, a mindset that we apply to measurable, continuing compliance, and a mindset that we apply to every other aspect of our business and mission.

Continuous process improvement is a philosophy that we take very seriously at CCS and one that helps us deliver industry-leading services as well as a highly rewarding work environment.


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