Comprehensive Care Services
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Photo of a stethoscope listening to the heart of a laptopComprehensive Care Services employs professionals with extensive clinical experience and expertise in the health care industry. We have used this same proven methodology in the design and implementation of our corporate informatics program. Comprehensive Care Services has leveraged its expertise and has united with some of healthcare's leading technology partners to advance and develop our Comprehensive Analytics & Compliance Program.

At Comprehensive Care Services our Comprehensive Analytics & Compliance Program is a multidisciplinary, evidence based informatics program combined with a contractual commitment to clinical excellence, performance and compliance.

Comprehensive Care Services contracted ARMUS Corporation with the design and implementation of a proprietary, customizable perfusion data registry. Outcomes is a state of the art database, which allows for data entry, instant validation, ad-hoc reporting and statistical analysis. The Comprehensive Perfusion Data Registry has well over 100 standard data points, as part of our analytics program. The registry has the ability to add an infinite number of hospital specific data points. Allowing for real time analysis, improved efficiency with documented quality and performance improvement that is second to none.

Comprehensive Care Services is a proven leader in the adoption of clinical informatics. Bolstered with our analytics, many of our clinicians are key opinion leaders in the perfusion industry, often asked to participate in focus groups, clinical trials and clinical product development. Our informatics program allows Comprehensive Care Services; it's clinicians and client hospitals to stay at the forefront of perfusion technology providing for the very best clinical outcomes.

Comprehensive Care Services realizes that education increases the value of our services to our clients. We believe this so much so that we partnered with Oracle Corp. (NASDAQ: ORCL) to develop our Comprehensive Online Resource and Compliance Center. As part of our Comprehensive Analytics Program, we continually refine and update policies and procedures based on the current evidence and the analysis of clinical data. Our Comprehensive Online Resource and Compliance Center allows CCS to efficiently communicate and educate our clinicians with the latest clinical information; all while documenting competency and compliance.